Fundraising Email Examples

I’m going to Feel the Thrill of the Chill and Polar Plunge on [date of your Plunge]! I‘m running into the winter-chilled [insert body of water here] in [insert Plunge location here] – to support the 21,250 athletes of Special Olympics Northern California!

Special Olympics Northern California provides year-round sports training and competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities at no cost to the athletes. There are athletes waiting on the sidelines and I want to get everyone into the game.

Sign up to Polar Plunge and join me! Scared of cold water? Then sign up as a chicken (no Plunging involved!) or donate to my fundraising efforts! I have committed to raise [how much money your goal is] for these athletes, and I need your help. No donation is too small, and all directly benefit the Northern California athletes.

My fundraising page can be found at [LINK]

If you would like to Plunge with me, you can register today at My team name is [insert your team name here], and anyone can join with me!

Thank you for supporting me and Special Olympics Northern California!


Second-Round Fundraising Email Example

Dear friends and family,

It’s me again, here to ask you to donate to my Polar Plunge on behalf of the 21,250 athletes of Special Olympics Northern California. I’ve currently raised $[INSERT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE RAISED] of my $[INSERT WHATEVER GOAL AMOUNT YOU’RE AIMING FOR]. Whether it’s $5 or more, every dollar counts, and you can donate easily here – [INSERT YOUR FUNDRAISING LINK].

Where exactly does your kind donation go?
To Special Olympics Northern California – a nonprofit organization that provides year-round sports training and competition opportunities, along with educational programs and health resources, to more than 21,250 children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Why should you donate?
Because every donation helps to change and improve lives. Through Special Olympics, these athletes develop self-confidence, lifelong friendships, and skills for the future. They’re respected members of our communities and they deserve the chance to compete.

Remind me again, what exactly is the Polar Plunge?
I’m going to Plunge into the icy, winter waters of [INSERT YOUR PLUNGE SITE’S BODY OF WATER HERE]! I need to raise a minimum of $125 to Plunge and have set a fundraising goal of $[INSERT YOUR GOAL HERE], and I need your help!

Can I Plunge with you?
Absolutely! Just head to and sign up under [INSERT TEAM HERE].

Where do I donate to you again?
Just go to, click donate, and find [INSERT TEAM NAME HERE]

Thank you again!


Email to Get People to Join Your Team


Do you have plans on [DATE OF YOUR PLUNGE]? Feel the Thrill of the Chill with me and Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Northern California! I’m signed up and would love for you to join my team – [TEAM NAME HERE]! If you want to sign up, please click here! [LINK TO YOUR TEAM PAGE HERE]

How Does the Polar Plunge Work?
1) You sign up with my team (or start your own)
2) Fundraise a minimum of $125, which directly benefits Special Olympics athletes! Plus, there are tons of ways on the Plunge website to make fundraising easy
3) Enjoy a great morning at [YOUR PLUNGE SITE] for the Plunge! We’ll enjoy the pre-plunge festivities and then jump into the icy waters of [YOUR BODY OF WATER] and share braggin’ rights with other brave water warriors!

What’s in It for You?
You’ll have a great time at the Plunge! By fundraising the $125, you get to Plunge, receive a long sleeve T-shirt and a post-Plunge lunch. There are even more incentives for you if you go above and beyond the $125 level!  Plus, you will have a direct impact on the lives of 21,250 Special Olympics athletes in Northern California! Did you know that Special Olympics Northern California provides free, year-round athletic opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities? Help make their dreams come true and sign up with my Polar Plunge team!

Here’s the link to join my team one more time – [INSERT YOUR LINK HERE]. Hope you’ll join us!


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