A Leader is described as "the ability to lead other people".  In the land of Plunges a leader is described person with a great sense of humor, who doesn't take no for an answer and believes totally in the powers of persuasion. 

Probably your biggest hurdle is to get people to stop running in fear from you when you invite them to join you for this epic adventure (and believe us it will be).  Let's face it, the thought of swimming in chilly waters in the middle of winter is probably not too appealing to many people.  Well, there is their first mistake.  It's not a swim at all.  It is a quick run in and out of the water, then off to the party they go! 

In fact, if people balk at that, you can let them know that they can register as a chicken and be excused from putting even one tootsie in the water if they don't want to get wet.  Now that you've captured their attention, here are some tips on how to recruit your team and get them motivated and excited to raise funds for Special Olympics!

How to recruit your team

  1. Be sure and share the Plunge theme – “Plunging with a Purpose” – to promote acceptance and respect for all through sports.  Everyone knows of someone who was bullied or maybe was bullied themselves.  It is something that resonates with everybody and the funds raised will help us continue to create a positive impact in our communities.  
  2.  Invite your significant other to join you.
  3.  Invite family and friends to join you.
  4.  Invite your family, friends and significant other to invite their family, friends and significant others.
  5. Let everyone know that the plunge is NOT a swim.  For that matter, people don't even have to get wet if they don't want to. They can register as a chicken and be excused from plunging but still enjoy all the festivities.

  6. Invite colleagues to a happy hour and bring your laptop.  While everyone is enjoying an adult beverage, get them to register right on the spot.

 As people join your team:

  1. Thank them for joining.

  2. Advise other team members of the newest teammate.

  3. Keep your team motivated.  Who is the current top fundraiser on your team?  Who is catching up to your top fundraiser? What other team is nipping at your heels?

  4. If you have a personal involvement with Special Olympics, share a story.

  5. As you receive information from "Plunge Headquarters" pass it along to your teammates.

Have fun!