Your Polar Plunge team can be any size: from two best friends, to 10 of your classmates, or 50 of your favorite people. You'll find that Plunging as part of a team is lots of fun. You'll have a great time deciding on your team theme and then creating your costumes or designing your T-shirts to wear when you plunge.

Keep in mind, the funds you and your team raise will help support over 3,050 Special Olympics athletes who participate in our Special Olympics Nevada programs FOR FREE!  Not only is it free for the athletes, but 91 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the program.

How to recruit your team

  1. Think of a team name.  Be creative and remember the Plunge is a crazy and fun event - so anything goes!  
  2. Once you’ve thought of a team name, invite family and friends to join you.
  3. Invite your family, friends and significant other to invite their family, friends and significant others.
  4. Let everyone know that the plunge is NOT a swim.  For that matter, people don't even have to get wet if they don't want to. They can register as a chicken and be excused from plunging but still enjoy all the festivities.  
  5. Invite colleagues to a happy hour and bring your laptop.  While everyone is enjoying an adult beverage, get them to register right on the spot.  

As people join your team:

  1. Thank them for joining.
  2. Advise other team members of the newest teammate.
  3. Keep your team motivated.  Who is the current top fundraiser on your team?  Who is catching up to your top fundraiser? What other team is nipping at your heels?
  4. If you have a personal involvement with Special Olympics, share a story.
  5. As you receive information from "Plunge Headquarters," pass it along to your teammates.