General Event Information

How much do I have raise to participate?
We ask everyone to raise a minimum of $125.  As an incentive reward, you’ll receive a Polar Plunge long sleeve t-shirt and free admittance to the Plunge festivities.  There are additional incentive levels - $300, $500, $1,000 and $2,500, so the more you raise the more you earn (and the more our athletes benefit!).

Is this a swim?
Absolutely not.  Participants run into the water, frolic around for a minute or two, snap photos, then out of the water we go!

How far do I have to go in the water?
That is completely up to you!  Dip your whole body or your big toe, whatever you decide is fine by us!  If you don’t want to get wet at all, register as a chicken.  You’ll be excused from plunging but qualify for the same incentive rewards as our plungers.  

Do I have to dress in costume?
Heck no!  But don’t be surprised if the majority of participants will.  When else will you have an excuse to dress in costume in the middle of winter?   If you’re part of a team, get in the spirit of things and come up with a team theme. Whatever you choose to wear, please keep in mind this is a family affair so plan your costume or plunge attire accordingly.

What should I bring to the Plunge?
Your courage  and sense of fun.  You will want to wear some type of water shoe.  Don’t forget to bring a towel (unless you earn one as an incentive reward as you'll get that when you check-in) and a change of clothes too!  Some type of plastic bag or backpack to put your wet clothes will probably be a good idea.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
No, anyone is welcome to join us.  However on Plunge Day those under the age of 18 must bring a Polar Plunge waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.   No waiver, no Plunge, no exceptions!

Do spectators have to pay to watch?
Nope!  Your cheering squad is more than welcome to come and watch the festivities free of charge.  Really, they gotta see it to believe it!

Can guests come to the Polar Plunge festivities?
You or your guests are welcome to purchase guest tickets for those who want to attend the Plunge festivities.  You will have the option of paying for them on Plunge day when you register.  


Who should checks be made out to?
Please have checks payable to Special Olympics.  Mail them to Special Olympics, 3480 Buskirk Ave., #340, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523.  Be sure  to include the offline donation form or a note is included with your name so we can add the donation to your personal plunge page site. 

When do I receive my incentive rewards?
You will receive your incentives at the Plunge.  The only exception is the water resistant hooded jacket.  They will be mailed to those who have reached the $2,500 level.

I have registered on-line but have received some donations that have been given to me personally.  What should I do with them?
Please mail them with the offline donation form, or a note with your name on it to Special Olympics, 3480 Buskirk Ave, #340 Pleasant Hill, CA  94523.  Donations you may receive within the week prior to your plunge should be brought with you.  We will have volunteers on hand who will accept your donations and be sure they are credited to your plunge page.

A member of my team hasn’t raised the minimum of $125 but I’ve raised more than enough.  Can I transfer some of my money to them?
No, we’re sorry.  Money raised can’t be moved from one team member to another.  Besides, we have some great additional reward levels.  You earned it, you deserve it.  

What do I do if I receive additional donations after the plunge?
Please mail them in to Special Olympics, 3480 Buskirk Ave., #340, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523.  Every penny counts and will help us continue to change the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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