After you enter you email address and password you will make selections on how you want to participate based on the following categories:

Registration Types


You are prepared to go "all the way" and hit the water running.  You can dip your big toe or your whole body; it's completely up to you. 

Towel Holder

Cold water not your thing?  Can "bear-ly" tolerate the thought of getting one little tootsie wet?  Register as a Towel Holder and cheer your teammates from the sidelines.  

Polar Plunge Types


If you are the type of person who likes to do things on your own, you will want to register as an individual.  We think you will have a lot more fun if you grab a friend or two and start a team, but it is completely up to you. 

Join a Team

Safety in numbers - right?  Select this role if you want to join your family, friends and co-workers who have already started a team.  If you click on this role, you will be able to search the current teams registered so you can join your team.  

Start a Team

If you are a take charge kind of person, you will definitely want to start your own team.  You'll be asked to create a team name and then have the option of inviting family, friends and co-workers to join you.

Team Types

Company Teams
Open to corporations, local businesses, their employees and families.

Law Enforcement Teams
Open to all First Responders and their families.

Community Teams
Perfect for colleges, clubs, organizations and the greater community.

Cool School Team
 Open to all pre-school through transitioning students, school advisors and teachers 

Special Olympics Teams
Perfect if you're a Special Olympics athlete, volunteer, coach or family member