Team Nevada's Road to Gold

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Donate to support our athletes on their "Road to Gold" at the 2018 USA Game in Seattle. Our athletes are training hard to showcase their amazing talents on the national playing field of sports. Over 4,000 athletes from around the United States and the District of Columbia will compete in 14 sports and Special Olympics Nevada is honored to have 30 athletes competing in 4 of them.

Competing in the USA Games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is filled with excitement, hard work and dedication - not for only our athletes, but their coaches and families as well.  It will cost approximately $35,000 to cover the USA Games expenses for Team Nevada including, transportation, housing, uniforms and meals.   Our athletes and their families are not asked to pay any expenses to participate training and competitions.  Can we count on you to help?

Now is your chance to make a difference.   Thank you for your support! and go Team Nevada




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