This is my fourth year involved in this event and I could not be more stoked. Over the last few years I have been blessed with awsome donations that have put me in the top donator spot for a couple of years. Even though it is awesome to get that award what is more awesome is knowing that because of all of us, we are helping these great athletes that might otherwise get passed by achieve their goals. 

This year the band I am in has been asked to come back out for our second year and play so come out for the after party and enjoy some tunes from Off The Record. There is a great beer garden, BBQ lunch so make sure to get your beer garden ticket and come hang out with all of us. 

Again any donations are great because it all adds up. It goes to a great cause. If you have any questions about donations, BBQ / beer garden tickets, or you wanna ride, feel free to let me or Michelle know. 

Thank you, 

Jason Bonini


Get The Word Out