Join Deuel Vocational Institution Cold & Bold on March 30, 2019 as we “Plunge with a Purpose”- to encourage inclusion through sports and change the way that people think about and treat individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Funds raised from the Sacramento Polar Plunge help us continue to generate change in our communities and enhance the lives of our athletes and their families.  

Yes it takes a lot of guts into jump in chilly waters in the middle of winter, but we're crazy enough to do it. Are you? You can dip your big toe or your whole body, it is completely up to you.

If Plunging is an "unbearable" thought to you, register as a chicken.  You can still be a part of our team and and enjoy all the fun, but stay dry on land. 

Everyone who raises a minimum of $125 will receive a polar plunge long sleeved t-shirt and free admittance to the Post-Splash Bash including hot buffet lunch, awards and more!  
Come on! You can do it!  Be bold and get cold!  Wet or dry, on March 30, 2019, take the plunge with us for Special Olympics! 

HELP US MEET OUR GOAL OF $25,000!!! It would benefit 250 Athletes!!!


Quick Stats

$13,201.00 Raised
40 Participants

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