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2021 Lake Tulloch Polar Plunge

We'd like to take the time to thank our supporters who are making it possible for us to participate in the 2021 virtual Plunge Your Way Polar Plunge.  (THANK YOU to Jamestown Feed, Jessica's Wreaths & Creations, Steve's Automotive & Truck Repair, Banks Glass, D & D Horse Transport, 4x4 In Motion, Pic n Save our friends and our families!) 

On April 24, 2021 at 3 pm we will Plunge "our way" for Special Olympics to encourage inclusion through sports and change the way that people think about and treat individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Funds raised from the Polar Plunge help us continue to generate change in our communities and enhance the lives of our athletes and their families.  

Yes it takes a lot of guts into jump in a chilly ice filled kiddie pool and sit on a dunk chair under a bucket of ice water while our teammates throw beanbags at the switch to dump the frigid water over our heads but hey we're crazy enough to do it.  Are you?  You can dip your big toe or your whole body, it is completely up to you.

If Plunging is an "unbearable" thought to you, register as a towel holder.  You can still be a part of our team and and enjoy all the fun, but stay dry on land.  Everyone who raises a minimum of $125 will receive a polar plunge T-shirt.  Come on! You can do it!  Be bold and get cold!  Wet or dry take the plunge with us for Special Olympics! 

As of 4/23/21 We have of 3 TCAC Team Shirts donated and 8 discounted (all picked up and are beautiful!!!  Thank you Jessica!!! of Jessica's Wreaths & Creations), a $125.00 check divided to $100 for Joe completing his entry fee, $25 for Mike, one $50.00 check for Mike completing his entry fee (Jamestown Feed and Steve's Automotive),  Banks Glass rounded out the fees for Terry, Jonathan and Jenna, 4x4 In Motion rounded out Chante's fees, friends and family helped everyone, a $125.00 cash for Jacob completing his entry fee (Thanks D & D Horse Transport) Everyone has met or exceeded their $125.00 goal.  Morgan's fees will be completed on Team Pic N  Save.  Ash beat Shawn by $10.00....  Thank You to each and everyone of you who are helping make this event possible and for supporting Special Olympics!!!!    

Now for the cold part.... #30 20 pound bags = 600 pounds of ice being picked up at 1245...Lower Save Mart made us up a pallet load and will get it loaded for us Yay!, 10'x6' kiddie pool purchased and ready to be filled... dunk chair ready.....20 Balloons purchased from Sierra Bridal and Balloons..... then let the freezing begin!   Team TCAC




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